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I'm a busy guitar teacher based near Nottingham.  If you're looking for lessons, I occasionally have a free slot available for new students. 


See what my current students have to say or read the independent reviews on Google.



Thank you for the time you have taken to teach Benjamin guitar.


This has been the only hobby that he’s continued with and I put a lot of that down to you; showing him the different genres of music and helping him find a special niche with gypsy jazz.


You have broadened his horizons musically and been a great source of inspiration for him to bounce ideas off. You have pushed him beyond what he thought was possible and he continues to soar.


A teacher makes or breaks a subject, changing lessons from dutiful to passionate. You are truly an inspirational teacher and I am so pleased you were recommended to me. 


I am so going to miss the music emanating from his room on a daily basis!


Jayne Thompson


(Written by the parents of student Ben Thompson on his departure for university)

Hi Alex

It's been three years since my first lesson with you and I wanted to let you know how happy I am that I took the plunge.

I've had two previous failed attempts at learning to play guitar, simply because I didn't find the right tutor.  Despite being far from a 'natural', I've progressed so much thanks to your style of teaching and immense patience.  The way you tailor each lesson means that I can make noticeable progress each week.

Most important of all, I am now beginning to really understand music and have 'light-bulb' moments!

Thank you so much.  Looking forward to my next lesson.

Jan Hunter

I am a fairly experienced player but felt my playing was in a rut.Alex was recommended as a teacher who could take me out of my comfort zone and since having lessons with him my playing and theoretical knowledge has vastly improved.

Alex tailors the lesson to your own preferences and prowess and can play in any genre to an extremely high level.
He has also shown me how to record songs and how to balance all the different parts so that they all work together,including blues,jazz and even ukulele!

He is patient,good humoured and I can't recommend him highly enough!

Keith Yallop

I tried a number of so called guitar teachers before Alex and they were a very mixed bunch. I have been having lessons with Alex for about 3 years and feel that I have progressed very well although he would be the best judge of that.


He is a very pro-active teacher and will tailor the lessons to teaching the sort of guitar and style of music you want. He mixes the practical and the theoretical well.He also has a great deal of knowledge about recording, amplification and songwriting all of which are useful tools for guitarists. I have gained a lot of confidence learning with Alex and feel more relaxed playing in front of an audience. I feel that I have learnt a lot from him and look forward to learning more and becoming a better player.

Paul Graham

I have had tuition from Alex for around 5 years now. I’d never even held a guitar until my first lesson. He gave me a guitar to take home with me and practice and within weeks he had me playing and gave me the confidence to believe I could do it and went and brought my own. I’m now the owner of 4 guitars and the rest that goes with them.


Guitar is my way of taking myself away from the stresses we regularly find ourselves dealing with and I credit Alex for this. Alex is now a friend and my coolest one too!

Alan Woodward

Having failed miserably to find someone who could both teach music theory and help me fill in the holes in my guitar technique it was recommended that I get in touch with Alex.

I have not looked back since and would strongly recommend him to anyone wanting to delve further into the wonderful world of music and guitar.

I honestly feel I’ve learned more studying with Alex in the last couple of years than in the entire twenty something I’ve been playing.

He’s a great guy and a phenomenal teacher.

Michael Swinburne

Alex is a very effective teacher. He is extremely skilled in all genres of guitar music and has a depth of understanding which is unmatched in my experience. I am an experienced player, but have learned a great deal from Alex in a relatively short time. Friendly, yet challenging. Highly recommended.

Dave Stephenson

To learn guitar you need someone who is an expert in two things, 1 playing guitar and 2 teaching people to play guitar. Alex has both of these skills nailed, if you are serious about learning see him weekly (and make sure you practice daily).

Andy Clark

Not only is Alex an amazing teacher (covering all variations of genres) he is patient and gives encouragement when needed. I have been taught by Alex now for around 5 years and would not concider any one to replace him. Put simpley he is one in a million that deserves to go from strength to strength.

Neil Hinchliffe

Alex is a brilliant teacher - I ve been playing a few years but never really bothered with music theory - Alex has got me to a better place in s very enjoyable way -in a relatively short time I really appreciate his time and patience and I’m more confident about my playing now. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Samir Goswami

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